Test shoots with Indresano Studios

Every three months, I pack my bags and ice cream scoops, and fly to Boston for a week or more, to do some ice cream styling at Indresano Studios. The days are usually long, the studio is kept intentionally cold, and my scooping arm is definitely sore by the end of my time there, but the hard work is totally worth it in the end. Michael Indresano, the owner and principal shooter in this mainstay South Boston studio runs his productions like a well-oiled machine, which is an essential asset when faced with shooting a demanding subject like ice cream.

Despite the hectic shooting schedule, Michael and I always make time to explore a few test photo concepts we’d like to work on while I’m in town. Unrestrained by our usual layouts and the client’s needs, we can get creative (and make a bigger mess than normal) to throw some sprinkles, pour some caramel all over the set, and simply create something in the spur of the moment. Below are a few examples of the numerous shots we’ve captured in these just-for-fun ice cream styling sessions.

ice cream cones
caramel sundae
ice cream cone
ice cream bowl